Bronze Sculpture



  1. Hi Lee
    I met you a few years ago in Tahoe at the art festival. I loved meeting you and watching you work. I purchased your bronze frog with the lady bug and another less expensive frog on a rock, made with bronze shavings and other stuff. I love them both.
    I just watched your interview which was great and enjoyed the timeline video of you making the frog on the teapot. That was real cool.
    I know I can’t afford your larger pieces you make, which are beautiful. I was wondering if you have made any more smaller pieces.
    I’m also interested in the gecko on the leaves but I forgot the price. Please let me know as I think I would like to get that one.
    Also, have you made any other of the smaller pieces with the bronze shavings. I apologize. You explained it to me but my Sometimers memory isn’t that great. I like the less expensive ones as I like to put them outside. My company always comment on the frog on the rock. He is adorable too.
    Please let me know about the bronze gecko on the leaves and the other ones with bronze shavings. I keep the bronze shavings one outside to enjoy, so I can purchase one or 2 of them if you have any other things.
    It looks like you are doing great by your website, interviews and gallery art.
    I wish you the best of luck as you keep rising in the art world.
    Charlotte Bremermann
    350 Aurora Ave.
    Metairie, La. 70005

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